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Break free from the mold!


Plant Medicine Integration


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You’re longing for CHANGE


You checked all the boxes: went to school, got the job… You did everything you were “supposed” to do… but you feel lost. 

Despite all of your accomplishments and things on paper ‘looking good’, you feel like there’s something missing.  

You’re over the status quo and curious about how plant medicines can show you how to grow past the phase you’re in.

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Finding the
missing piece

If this sounds like you, I know exactly how you feel. 

After a decade of working for tech startups in NYC and fully achieving the societal definition of success, I realized….


I felt drained, burnt out, and resentful. I felt like a bug on its back, legs flailing in the air, unable to turn itself over. 




During my first ceremony, I connected to an immense feeling of joy. I felt childlike and playful. I realized that I did not allow myself to feel this way in my day-to-day life because I took things too seriously. I felt the difference between how I tended to be and what was possible. The more I sat with plant medicines, the more I discovered about myself. I felt like I was meeting myself for the first time. I connected to universal feelings of love and compassion and realized these are essential qualities of who I am. I saw that the way I thought about things with my mind was often comically off base. I started to get really comfortable with being able to laugh at and forgive myself for how I acted when I didn’t know any better. I felt my entire being start to soften. Simply put, plant medicines showed me how I was getting in the way of myself. I took these lessons and started to integrate them into my life. I began to notice when my thoughts were critical or fatalistic and, recalling what I learned in ceremony, I’d flip the narrative. I observed my reactions to situations and looked for what I could learn about myself from this. Eventually, the micro changes I made in real-time transformed how I showed up in the world. I didn’t have to make as much effort to shift my thoughts because I was developing new patterns. I created a new operating system for myself. At the same time, the more I connected to myself, the more I realized that the life I wanted looked very different from the life I had. I got to a point where I knew it was time to make a change. I knew nothing was guaranteed, but I was confident in the practices and tools I developed, which sustained me through a massive transition. I decided to leave NYC to focus on my learning, deepening my relationship with plant medicines, starting my own coaching practice, and moving to Ecuador to manage a plant medicine retreat center.

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You’ve heard of Sacred Plant Medicines
as a
Path for Change


The unknown is SCARY

You don’t want to rock the boat…

You’re afraid to take the LEAP

You Think…


Am I crazy for believing my life can be different?


That something else is possible?


What happens if I follow that impulse and it leads me…astray?

What will others think?


Can I break free from the mold? Can I really do it?

This is my mission

Plant Medicines are a wonderful path to healing & growth, but they are only half of the equation…

Materializing the benefits requires integration.

Plant medicine integration coaching is a journey of embracing Self-Reflection as a way of being.


It’s an invitation to increase self-awareness and find opportunities to implement the lessons from your experience in your day-to-day.


Integration is about taking responsibility for yourself and your life.  


It requires believing that you can cultivate health, joy, love, and abundance and that YOU are the person who will make those things happen. 

My Mission

The journey begins with identifying what you want to cultivate for yourself. Think of your intention as a seed you plant and nurture over time. What do you desire at this moment? Perhaps you want to focus on the relationship with yourself. You may want to change the inner dialogue in your mind from one that is critical to one that is accepting and forgiving. It could be that you want to shift your mindset from one that is negative to one that is more positive. When you enter a plant medicine ceremony with a clear intention, you can reflect on what you experienced after and ‘make sense of it’ by considering how it relates back to it. Contemplating your experience and having it mirrored back to you by another helps to develop fresh perspectives and see a path forward with new possibilities you may miss on your own. This is what integration is all about. Reflecting, learning, taking action, and evolving. A cycle to embrace on your journey of transformation.

Plant Medicine + Integration

Plant Medicine

Reconnect to the feeling of being truly alive


Cultivate self-acceptance & self-love

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Liberate yourself from the burden of emotional wounds


Feel empowered and in control of your life


Move from fear to trust; from scarcity to abundance


Become a version of yourself you really like


See your life as a blank canvas, you as the artist, creating on it what you desire; what inspires you

Are we a Fit?  Book a Free 15 Minute Session.

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Whoever travels without a guide, needs two hundred years for a two-day journey

Work with ME

Work With Me

I facilitate my plant medicine integration coaching sessions intuitively. We enter into dialogue and reflection about your journey to help you formulate clear takeaways about your experience. And, how to use that.

Your takeaways are nuggets of wisdom that become tools to employ in your day-to-day life.  Using these tools, you’ll begin to create new patterns that replace the old system you want to evolve past. Think of it as an OS update 


We will also create practices to support you in sustaining the new habits you develop.  


My intention with this work is that you’ll walk into my virtual door knowing how you want to feel and what you want to be different, while not knowing how to get there.


You’ll walk away with clarity, a roadmap, and tools for making that vision a reality.


You did what you’re ‘supposed’ to do. Now it’s time to live for YOU!


What other people say

I had a ceremony with Ayahuasca which was an incredible experience in itself.  A couple of weeks after the ceremony, I was starting to lose focus from the shifts I had found within the ceremony and really needed some guidance.  I had an integration session with Nadia who really helped me slow down, check in with myself, remind me of some key takeaways, and offer ideas of ways to keep growing.  She even sent me a helpful meditation to further check in with myself.  I would definitely recommend planning ahead and booking a session with her as you’re preparing for your journey.  Knowing that you have someone in it with you, and to help guide you after makes all the difference.


Don’t just take my word for it. 
Here’s what the science says:

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As I went through Fluence’s 12-week Psychedelic Integration Course, it was interesting to find my experience with plant medicines and integration reflected back to me from a scientific perspective.

I often say that plant medicines allowed me to see aspects of myself I was oblivious to prior.

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According to research, the psychoactive compounds in plant medicines affect the “default mode network” and disrupt normal or entrenched patterns of brain activity, which explains the insights and perspectives that frequently become available in altered states of consciousness. 


These compounds also promote the brain’s ability to ‘reorganize’ itself.  I’d often heard of the correlation between plant medicines and increased neuroplasticity, and I realized it was this increased flexibility that supported my development of new ways of thinking and being. 

While my interest has always been in the psychological and spiritual elements of this work, it was fascinating to learn about what happens on a neurobiological level.

This is why I'm


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Ellipse 18.png
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Plant medicines showed me that we are born perfect in this world.  We are unique manifestations of the divine.  Then we are immediately bombarded with conditioning, expectations, and cues that we must strive to be something other than who we are.  


It happens explicitly and not – from our family, the religions we inherit, and our societies & cultures.  So most of us, 99%, never learn how to connect to ourselves and our essence.

How can you know what YOU truly want or what it takes
to make
YOU feel alive without a connection to yourself?

Over the past five years, I’ve been on a self-guided journey to learn as much as I can about psycho-spiritual development and integration.  I studied consciousness coaching and psychedelic integration.  I became a certified Reiki practitioner.  I have found incredible teachers along my journey who share their knowledge of the ancestral wisdom traditions belonging to my Andean and Egyptian roots.   


I studied the Enneagram system,  integrated frameworks of the human psycho-spiritual journey that unify numerous Sufi, Eastern, and modern Western models of enlightenment & awakening, in addition to models for understanding the cognitive developmental stages. 

In my work, I draw from takeaways from my personal experiences, coursework, and what my mentors and teachers share with me.  


Are you ready to create a life you feel excited to live and are choosing to work with plant medicines on your journey?  If your answer is yes, I would be honored to support your integration process to make that vision a reality!

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Plant Medicine
Integration Coach

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Plant Medicine Integration Coaching is a process akin to going to the gym because you want to build muscle.

Just as you'd hire a personal trainer to make the most of your workout, as your plant medicine integration coach, I will support you in making the most of your plant medicine journey as you work towards achieving your desired results.

  • 3 Session Package

    Three 45-minute sessions.
    Valid for 3 months
  • 6 Session Package

    Six 45-minute long sessions
    Valid for 6 months
  • 9 Session Package

    Nine 45-minute long sessions
    Valid for 9 months
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