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Transformational Retreats with Ayahuasca

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Heal, learn, move forward. Discover your potential.  Look at your inner beauty. 


Whether you've tried therapy and other modalities and are looking for more; or feel a desire to connect with yourself in a way in which you never have before.

Grandmother Ayahuasca will guide you on this journey of transformation, allowing you to look at your own darkness with love while showing you that you are also a radiant and infinite light, and teaching you a new way to cultivate your gifts and potential.

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Practice self-love and intentionally give yourself time & space to rest, reset, and go within.

 Experience the healing that comes from living simply and being in community.

We will spend six days immersed in the healing wonders of nature, in Ecuador's beautiful and powerful land.

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2 Ayahuasca ceremonies in a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment with experienced guides who learned about the ritual use of the sacred Ayahuasca plant from Native communities.


A small and intimate group - maximum 6 participants.


2-3 facilitators available for support in each ceremony.


A deep cleansing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Resetting your central nervous system.


Healing wounds and traumas from the past.


Self-love and forgiveness.


Reconfiguration of the body's natural cycles and rhythms.

Awaken your creativity and spontaneity.


Cultivation of your talents, gifts, and potential.


A sense of belonging to Mother Earth.  Unity with the whole. 

My Mission

Each day will include activities that center our body, mind, and spirit.

We will be nourished throughout by delicious and consciously prepared foods.

Together, we'll learn to flow with the present moment and attune to the signs around us.


2024 Dates 

April 15-20

June 18-23

October 7-12

November 10-15

Private Retreats & Ceremonies Available Upon Request



Plant Medicine

Preparation Call & Intention Setting 

Medical History


All Meals 


To & From Retreat

5 Nights


2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies


Plant Bath for Cleansing & Flourishing


Group Integration

1:1 Integration Session Post-Retreat


Nature Hike

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Change your mind, change your life.
 Dr. Joe Dispenza


$3,000 - Single Room

$2,700 - Shared Room 

10% Discount For Booking 3 Months in Advance or with a Friend

Sliding Scale Pricing Available

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Work With Me

Retreat Guides

Mercedes Andino

Alchemist and channeling woman in service of Mother Life.  A mestizo descending from a family of healers and herbalists who deepened her studies and knowledge with indigenous communities such as the Inga, with whom she has learned about the ritual use of the sacred Ayahuasca plant.


A psychotherapist with years of experience focused on treating psychosomatic, emotional, and spiritual ailments in individual and group therapy.


She has developed the perfect combination of sharing the ancestral Ayahuasca medicine with psychotherapy to serve and support her human family in its healing, growth, empowerment, and awakening of consciousness.

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Sergio Velásquez

A sensitive and strong man at the same time, trained and skilled in the spiritual and shamanic fields.  

Knowledgeable about master plants and ancestral remedies.  He has been serving Ayahuasca for ~10 years.

Sergio's learnings were carried out with the Inga community of the Amazon jungle, specifically with the teacher Taita Richard Chasoy and the Ayahuasca musician Andrés Córdova.  He currently shares Ayahuasca from the Inga and Cofán tribes.

Sergio has written the book "Because the Breeze Laughs" based on his experiences with Ayahuasca, which serves as an inspiration, companion and guide for anyone who wishes to learn about Ayahuasca experiences.  He is the founder of the organization Ayahuasca in Ecuador and brings traditional doctors from the jungle to the city, introducing the use of Ayahuasca to urban areas.  He also promotes projects for the conservation of Mother Nature and the planting of Ayahuasca.


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Work With Me

Nadia Hannout 

A student of the sacred plants and traditions that guided her back to the essence of her heart, to cultivating self-love and connecting to a purpose for her life.

Gratitude for the healing and transformation experienced over the past 5 years inspired Nadia to move to Ecuador to reconnect to her roots and dedicate her life to learning about what it means to be in service to Mother Earth and Life.

Complementing what she learns from personal experience and teachers along her journey, she has also studied topics related to the human psychospiritual journey and models for understanding stages of cognitive development, the Enneagram system, consciousness coaching, and how to integrate experiences in altered states of consciousness. 



What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a preparation of plants native to the Amazon jungles: the Ayahuasca vine or Banisteriopsis Caapi, which provides purifying medicine and the basic ingredient to assimilate the complementary plant, generally Chacruna or Chagrupanga, whose main element is DMT. 


DMT is a molecule produced naturally by all biological organisms.  Its strength stimulates the pituitary gland, which functions as the eye of internal vision, thus allowing us to appreciate the real colors of the universe and the multidimensionality of life.


Ayahuasca is a preparation of plants that have a virtue.  They, as daughters of nature, have learned practical truths that we have not yet understood and that they can transmit to us when we ingest them.  


The wisdom that Ayahuasca communicates to us is digested according to how we organize the structure of our perception of the world.  The window to infinity that opens is used according to the will we have to perceive.  


Ayahuasca has been used as a medicine for millennia to contact that internal knowledge that we possess as children of the universe and that we have blocked by falling asleep in a routine of leisure and worry.  


A tea traditionally served in rituals with a sacred meaning can remind us that life is beautiful and we can live it awake and with joy.

What are the benefits of drinking Ayahuasca?

  • Personal transformation through resetting the central nervous system.

  • Deep cleansing of body-mind, emotion-spirit.

  • Bioenergetic reconnection and activation of vital energy.

  • Healing wounds and traumas from the past. 

  • Forgiveness and self-love.

  • Reconfiguration of sleep, the body's natural cycles and rhythms, comprehensive health.

  • Sense of belonging to the pacha-mama, to the clan. Unity with the whole.

  • Awaken your creativity and spontaneity. 

  • Cultivation of your talents, gifts, and potentialities.


What are the benefits of an Ayahuasca retreat?

 An Ayahuasca Retreat is a safe container - time and space to discover one’s self, bring that which is ready to be viewed and released up from the subconscious, and realign the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 


It’s an opportunity to free yourself from distractions, connect with yourself, rest, reflect, and reset.  The location, activities, and nutrition are intentionally curated to support this healing encounter with your essence, and the extended time allows for assimilation before returning to your daily life. 

How to prepare for an Ayahuasca retreat?


If it’s the first time, it’s common to have anticipation and want to understand what to expect. You may want to research and read, in a desire to know, to foresee. Just take into consideration that everything you hear or read is based on subjective experiences.  Feeling fear or nervousness is completely normal. If you know how to manage it, they will not be a factor to avoid attending, but just an emotion arising from daring to take this decisive step. Psychologically, there is no “being ready” apart from “being willing.”

To prepare your body for plant medicine, we recommend a cleansing diet at least a week to two weeks in advance. By eliminating certain foods from your diet, you prepare your body physically for your journey. It can also have an effect on the amount of purging during your ceremony. 

This is a step in cleansing your body before and keeping it clean after your ceremonies. It also shows your commitment and determination to Ayahuasca and the master plants. You are creating the foundations of your relationship with them and offering them respect through this step, which is essential for this work. 

We recommend excluding the following: red meat, pork, caffeine, onion, garlic, acidic fruits, fermented foods, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive salt, and spicy foods. 

Do not consume any street drugs like cocaine or amphetamines. Do your best to avoid alcohol and cannabis. 

Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine for the body and soul.  It is a healing resource, it is not about having a “new experience” or some kind of entertainment, it is about meditation and Shamanic healing. So, it is advisable to bring an intention for your life to the ceremony.  Throughout the ceremony, these intentions are explored.

How to choose an Ayahuasca retreat?

There are factors like location, group size, length, price, etc… that will be personal preference, but here are additional things to consider to select the best Ayahuasca retreat for you:

Shaman & Facilitators.  Connect with the retreat facilitators and tune into how you feel when speaking to them.  You may want to understand what their journey to serving medicine has looked like, how long they dedicated to learning about the ritual use of Ayahuasca; how and with whom.   


Safety & Support.  Understand who you have for support throughout the retreat and ask any questions you need to feel safe physically, mentally, and emotionally.  


The Medicine. Know where the medicine being served comes from - who prepares it, and what that process looks like.  


Reciprocity & Conservation.  What, if any, are the initiatives in place to give back to the native communities this sacred ritual stems from, and the earth, from which the plant is harvested?

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