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What is a Transformational Retreat?

Oxford Language Dictionary defines transform as making a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

And that’s what our transformational retreat is all about.  A transformation of your being.  It’s experiencing a revolution in the way you see and experience yourself, and the world around you.

It’s about taking a journey deep within to discover your truth.  You face your darkness so that you can discover your light, your divinity.  The shred of the divine you embody on this earth by nature of being created by the divine.

When we decide to sit with Grandmother Ayahuasca, we have no way of knowing what awaits us.  If we allow ourselves to surrender and trust that we will be lovingly guided by the wisdom of this powerful plant spirit, we feel or are shown exactly what we need to be able to take the next step forward in our process of evolution.

That can look like facing the aspects of ourselves that get in the way of us being the best versions of ourselves.  It can mean feeling the impact of self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns.  We may revisit experiences and memories that we haven’t fully processed so that we can learn and release the energy that experience has stored within us – a process through which we become lighter while creating space for new and revitalizing energy to flow through us. 

There’s so much about ourselves that we don’t know.  If we compare ourselves to an iceberg, all we know is the tip of it.  The majority of it resides under the surface.  While it may seem scary to face that which we cannot see about ourselves, or unnecessary for those who prefer to live in a state of tranquilized consciousness, for those ready to take the plunge, there is nothing more beautiful, more awe-inspiring than discovering the totality of your being.  

Yes, there may be moments that are challenging, cringe, or painful, but the reward for having the courage to face those possibilities cannot be described, it can only be felt.  I could use words to try to describe what awaits you on the other side such as love, joy, forgiveness, trust, inspiration, wonder, and gratitude, but the meaning your mind attributes to these words pales in comparison to feeling your entirety enveloped by their essence.  

So, I invite you to join me on this transformational retreat.  Six days intentionally designed to provide the safety and support you need to surrender to the mystery that is you.  It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself in a way you never have before so that you can heal, learn, and move forward.

These days, there are many ayahuasca retreats to choose from.  My prayer is that all those who feel the call end up sitting in a safe ayahuasca ceremony, wherever they’re meant to for their highest and best good.

If somewhere inside of you you feel a desire to join us on this journey, may you allow yourself to take that leap.  I look forward to welcoming you here to drink Ayahuasca in Ecuador and journeying to the depths of your heart and soul.


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