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Private Ayahuasca Retreats

Updated: Feb 23

These days I’m feeling super inspired by the offering my teacher, Mercedes, and I have to facilitate private ayahuasca retreats.  As a psychotherapist, when Mercedes first began serving Ayahuasca, she frequently did so in individual therapy sessions. A couple of weeks ago I was able to witness how much one can dig up and heal when combining Ayahuasca with the therapeutic support of a guide who not only navigates the energetic and spiritual realm but can simultaneously implement therapeutic practices to support those who need it in unlocking, witnessing, processing and releasing that which lies in their darkest depths.   

The women who came for this private retreat were clear on what they wanted.  They were ready to experience what it felt like to love themselves.  To have the courage to live a life that feels true to them instead of making decisions to appease those around them.  They were ready to form healthy patterns in relationships.  To get there, they had to first see what it was that was holding them back from being able to do this.  

It’s possible to get to this place of witnessing the truth about ourselves on our own, but for some, it’s not, because it can be scary.  Given the nature of a private ceremony setting, Mercedes can put her therapist hat on and work 1:1 with those who want to simply because it’s a different dynamic and she’s not holding space for an entire group.  In a private setting, her work is focused on supporting the intention of the 1-2 individuals present, as opposed to that of an entire group with all of the work that entails in the energetic realm.  

Currently, I’m blessed with the opportunity to be joined in Ecuador by my best friend who decided to come and spend a month here, and a more extended version of a private ayahuasca retreat has been unfolding.  She rented a room in the house I live in and has been on a DIY retreat of sorts.  The days consist of self-guided mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, artistic endeavors, time for self-reflection, and communing with nature.  While one private ayahuasca ceremony was always part of the plan for her time here, it’s turned into a plan for four to maximize the time and space available to get in tune with herself and connect to the vision of the life she wants to create.  Ayahuasca is such an incredible ally in helping us to get clear on who we are, what we need to move forward in our lives, and in projecting us into that reality. It is beautiful to witness bestie allow herself this experience for her wellbeing and her life.

It’s so common to believe that to move forward in life and make progress, we have to keep busy with a whole lot of doing, when really if we allow ourselves to be still, rest, play, and tune into what our inner wisdom is guiding us towards, we can catapult even farther.  

While bestie opted for 4 ceremonies over the month, I was recently asked by someone if we could facilitate 3 ceremonies per week over a month.  This individual sat with Ayahuasca twice before and realized it was the medicine that allowed him to connect to himself in a way he never had, and now wants to dive as deep into knowing himself as he possibly can.  

All of this is to say, I’m loving the extended-stay, multiple-sit format that is coming together.  When we drink Ayahuasca, it remains in our system for 21 days.  So sitting in ceremony frequently compounds the effects and leads to a truly transcendental experience.  And hey, not everyone is going to want to drink Ayahuasca 8-12 times in one month, but the beauty of coming down for a private retreat is that it can be designed to support whatever it is you have in mind, for however long you desire.  Do you want to come down and have a bunch of activities planned to take in all of the nature and sites Ecuador has to offer in between your Ayahuasca ceremonies, or does a lot of rest and relaxation sound more like your vibe?  Maybe you want a little bit of both.  Maybe you want to embark on an artist's retreat with the help of Grandmother Ayahuasca to unlock your creative potential. Anything is possible, and I’m super excited to continue to co-create private ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador for folks who feel the call and are ready to answer it. 

As always, I’m grateful beyond words for the trust and the opportunity to hold space for those who choose to embark on the most beautiful of journeys – the journey of meeting oneself and feeling one’s spirit and heart.  


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