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Finding Ayahuasca

Last night, I participated in the last ayahuasca ceremony in my role at Vikara. Reflecting on the past 6 months, I remembered many magickal moments that left me in awe of the divine way things unfold and in the unique design the universe has in store for each of us.

I followed a pull that brought me to Ecuador in November, and it felt like I was held by the land as I gained more clarity about myself and experienced a season of expansion and new learnings, experiences and feelings.

I was accompanied by grandmother ayahuasca throughout this period and I have never before been in the presence of such intelligence. She always gave me the journey I needed and the perfection of each lesson helped me build more of a muscle of acceptance, because I was always able to see something about my self I was otherwise oblivious to. Walking out of last night's ceremony, I felt a sense of ease and groundedness. A bit more aware of myself, a bit more loving towards myself, and very clear about what I want to dedicate my energy to entering the next season of my life.

The medicines and rituals I encountered over the past 6 months have made me softer while inviting me to take more responsibility for how i think, feel and act. The wisdom at the core of these traditions are universal teachings that are our birthright to receive. They are tools for finding oneself and living well.

I learned so much from Mercedes, the medicine woman I assisted with translation during our monthly ayahuasca retreats, and I’m endlessly grateful to grandmother ayahuasca for bringing us together.

On June 17, Mercedes and I will be hosting a 6-day retreat to honor and share the ancestral wisdom practices that serve as guides for learning to live well and evolve as a person through ritual use.

Mercedes will guide workshops and practices to put these principles into use, and we’ll perform a special ritual together on the day of the solstice (June 21).

There will be a cacao and mushroom ceremony, and an ayahuasca ceremony.

My intention for this retreat is to honor the wisdom that brought joy back into my life and share it with others.

Ancestral Wisdom Retreat
Download PDF • 6.19MB


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